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If you’re starting up or running a business there are many laws that impact upon the everyday practices and decisions you need to make. You can’t ignore the law, but you also don’t want to spend hard earned profits on litigation.

Our commercial solicitors can help

At Judge Law we’ve helped businesses large and small get on their feet and prosper. Whether you are starting up a micro-business, operating a long standing family business, or conquering the world our commercial solicitors can make sure your business has the right foundations and is operating to diminish the risk of future legal problems. You can get on with growing your business confident that your legal concerns are in safe hands.

We can assist with:

  • Buying or Selling Commercial Property. Commercial property contracts are often complex and require an experienced hand to bring them to settlement. We’ll make sure the contract protects your interests.
  • Problems with Landlords or Tenants. With leasing issues you need to get things right from the beginning. We’ll make sure everything is clearly spelt out in the lease, and that any disputes which do arise are dealt with efficiently.
  • Debt Recovery. Do you need to chase a non paying customer? Our commercial solicitors know the ropes and can help you get back the money you are owed.
  • Business Restructuring. Our commercial solicitors can help you restructure your business to maximise its potential and avoid falling into debt.
  • Trading Dispute Support. We keep our eye on the bottom line, and settle disputes as cost effectively as possible. Our commercial solicitors are excellent negotiators and are able to keep issues out of court in most cases.
  • Insolvency Advice. If your business is in trouble, we offer clear and practical advice to help keep you on your feet. If insolvency is unavoidable we’ll guide you through the legal procedures.
  • Employment and HR Contracts and Disputes. Our commercial solicitors will make sure that your employment contracts protect your rights, and deal fairly and effectively with disputes that may arise with your employees.
  • Intellectual Property Protection. We can help with copyright, trade marks and patent applications as well as dealing with breaches.

We take a practical and commercial approach to business law matters. You’ll find that our advice is commercially astute. The solutions our commercial solicitors offer represent great value for money.

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